Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Quick Hello

Firstly I would like to welcome you to www.vegaszien.blogspot.com. This is my first personal PokerBlog.

The reason I am writing this PokerBlog is mainly because I think It will help me improve my own game by blogging about my choice of game, my results, my profit/loss ect.

I have been playing poker for around 3 years and although have only ever played as a hobby, I can and will openly admit that I think over the past 3 years I am a losing player. I started playing live in my local casino (Grosvenor) I never really got into a routine of making final tables (FT). How ever in live cash games (£1-£2 and £5-£5 on occasion) I did seem to do OK. Although I have never kept records on my live play I would say that I am up on live cash games. All the live cash game session's I have played I have only gone broke 3 times, and chose not to re-buy.

Online poker is a different story. I started playing on pokerheaven (now boss media network) and deposited $20 to start with, which I quickly lost (I remember the hand. I was playin a 10c/20c table and had 1010. by the river there were 4 A's on board and I thought my 10 high was good against 4 other players) needless to say, i went busy. At the time and for a short period afterwards I though Like many players online that I was a good poker player. it was not untill I started looking at my own game that I realised that infact I was a 'DONK' player. I stopped playing for about a year, and when I started again I deposited $300 onto fulltilt poker. I started playing $100nl ($0.50/$1) and was doing OK. Untill I had what at the time I called a 'DownSwing' and went broke. I then deposited $600 on pokerstars and started playing $2000nl ($10-$20) and built upto just over $8000. I then lost it all playing $5000nl ($20-$50). Overall I think that I am down somewhere in the region of (only including money that I have actually deposited online) £2500-£3000 over the course of 3 years.

The reason behind this is simple. Bankroll Manegment (BRM). I have never followed BRM. I always used to play the highest limits that my 'current balance' would allow.

This brings us back to the reason behind this blog. After taking a short breat away from poker (3 months) both live games and online. I have read alot of stuff online mainly at cardrunners. I have decided to give online poker another go. However, I am not going to deposit X amount and play the highest level I can. I am going deposit a set bankroll (BR) and play with in my limits, and follow these 'rules';

I have deposited $200 online at blackpoolclub.com (iPoker network)
I will only play cash games with a maximum of 1-20 of my BR
I will only play SnG and MTT with a maximum of 1-40 of my BR
Once I get 40 buy-ins for my current bankroll I will move upto the next level.
Once at that level. If my BR falls to 30 buy-ins or less I will then move down to the previous level.

So, for example

Cash Games - with my starting $200 BR I will start of playin $10nl ($0.05-$0.10) full ring games ($10x 20 = $200). When I build upto $400 I will then move upto $20nl ($0.10-$0.20) full ring games ($20 x 20 = $400). At this stage should my BR fall to the $300 level I will move back down to the $10nl games.

SnG and MTT - With my starting $200 BR I will only play SnG and MTT with a buy-in of not more than $5 ($5 x 40 = $200)

I really think that writing my thoughts/process down about my game that it will really help me improve my game so I will try and keep this updated as often as possible.

I welcome all comments Regarding this blog and anything mentioned in it, so please feel free to leave them.